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Matcha Latte

Looking for an afternoon pick me up? Or maybe something to warm you up? Here’s an easy way to make a Matcha Latte at home. Benefits of Matcha Tea High in antioxidants Increases energy level Enhances mood Boosts immune system Stimulates metabolism Detoxifies Boosts concentration Improves skin Lowers cholesterol Helps prevent cancer Ingredients 6-8 oz […]


Black Bean Meatballs

Black bean meatballs, garlic broccoli, served with pasta and marinara sauce. You could serve the broccoli separate from the pasta and meatballs, however, I threw it all in the same bowl. The recipe below yields about 20 meatballs and serves 4. Black Bean Meatball Ingredients: 1 Flax egg (11/2 Tablespoons ground flax seed + 1/4 […]


Cheesy Pasta with Broccoli

Craving a comfort meal? This WFPB cheesy pasta with broccoli will do the trick! The cheese sauce I used this time is from Chef Cynthia Louise (CCL). I had made a big batch and stashed away half for another meal which ended up being this one. This is a great recipe to make a double […]

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